NB! В текстах данного ресурса местами может встречаться русский язык +21.5
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+21.5NB В текстах данного ресурса местами
может встречаться русский язык!


This is a pilot publication and for now it only has a couple of chapters. We wanted to see if this material gets some traction and finds an audience. As now NATO has ended it’s own campaign in Afghanistan, it would be interesting to compare experiences and see what the differences are (if any) between that campaign and USSR's Intervention from a grunt’s perspective. Translation is being done by our own means and takes time and effort so any comments, questions and corrections are welcome.

This translation purposefully leaves some words not translated to keep the feel and style of the original. All of those words along with specific terminology and equipment are assembled in a vocabulary and have direct links to it for your convenience.

This material was originally built as a diary of a Soviet soldier in Afghanistan. Later on his brothers in arms chimed in with their photos, corrections and personal memories. So now it’s basically a regiment’s diary. “Dragon’s Tooth” – is a separate big chapter about a 3 month long shift on an Outpost #12 named “Dragon’s Tooth” because of the shape of the peak of the mountain it was situated on (35°14'29.3"N 69°29'15.2"E).

Special thanks for proofreading to: Elijah Nikolai

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