NB! В текстах данного ресурса местами может встречаться русский язык +21.5
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+21.5NB В текстах данного ресурса местами
может встречаться русский язык!

AGS-17 – (АГС-17) Soviet automatic 30mm grenade launcher.

Aryk – (Арык) human made ditch used to deliver water from upstream source. Ancient form of steady water supply.

Bacha (ch as in “chain”) – (Бача) afghan word for an underage boy used as a servant and a sexual partner. It is considered as serious insult if used against a grown man. Was widely used by soviet soldiers to refer to any local man of any age in Afghan.

BTR – (БТР) Soviet Armored Troop Carrier.

DShK – (ДШК) Soviet belt fed heavy machine gun with 12.7x108mm rounds (analogous to .50cal).

Dragon’s Tooth – (Зуб Дракона) name of an outpost on a mountain that resembles a reptile’s tooth. Coordinates: 35°14'29.3"N 69°29'15.2"E

Dembel – (Дембель) slang for “demobilization”. Depending on context it can mean either "demobilization" as an event or a "soon-to-be-demobilized soldier".

Dushman – (Душман) a word that comes from Persian and means "an enemy". Was used by loyal local population and naturally transitioned into Soviet soldiers' lingo.

Efka – (Эфка) slang for F-1, Soviet defensive grenade.

GAZ-66 – (ГАЗ-66) Soviet 4x4 2t truck.

Graphic – (График) translates as "graph" or "schedule". Callsign for regiment's HQ in Rukha.

Kizil-Kum – (Кызыл-Кум) a desert in Uzbekistan, translates as "red sands". During Afghanistan war regiment's base was stationed there and housed a big training center for to-be-deployed soldiers.

Khisarak - (Хисарак) a valley that goes south of Panjshir valley and leads ito it around Rukha kishlack. Coordinates: 35°14'00.5"N 69°29'59.9"E

Khishlack – (Кишлак) afghan village, sometimes used to describe a single house.

Marishtan – (Мариштан) small village next to Rukha. Coordinates: 35°15'25.8"N 69°29'10.6"E

Order – (Орден) an award, like “Order of the Red Star”.

Panjshir – (Паншер) Afghanistan's province that resides in a valley of the same name. Translates as "Five Lions". This valley was part of a Silk Road and was actively used by Mujahideen/Talibs as a supply route during war so it posed a serious strategic value.

Party – (Партия) short way of referring to Communistic Party of Soviet Union and government/country in general.

Praporshik – (Прапорщик) a rank in Soviet (and Russian) Army, goes before lieutenant.

Prapor – (Прапор) short for Praporshik.

Pyawusht - (Пьявушт) small village west of Rukha. Coordinates: 35°16'27.3"N 69°27'08.5"E

Rota – (Рота) company, group of 50-100 units depending on company type.

Rukha – (Руха) big settlement in Panjshir Valley. Was used by 682 motorized rifle regiment as Headquarters during war. Coordinates: 35°15'58.5"N 69°28'29.9"E

Salang – (Саланг) mountain pass built and controlled by Soviet Army during war. It has a tunnel built by Soviets and presents strategic value. Coordinates: 35°20'02.9"N 69°01'17.9"E

Sarandoi – (Царандой) translates from Pashto as "defenders". Was used by Soviet soldiers as a nickname for Afghanistan's official soldiers.

Shuravi – (Шурави) translates roughly from Persian as "Soviet". Was used by locals to refer to Soviet solders as well as they themselves used it as a self identifying lingo.

Sovkhoz – (Совхоз) form of a State owned farm in USSR. Differs from kolkhoz in that it’s owned by the State (kolkhoz is owned by a collective of farmers) and people there are hired and work for regular wages.

Stretchie – (Растяжка) I use literal translation from Russian. In Russian it means a DIY mine made from a trip wire and a hand grenade or a signal flare. It’s used a lot in text so it’s easier to introduce a word rather than to litter around with “DIY mine” or a more vague “booby trap”.

SVD – (СВД) Dragunov’s Sniper Rifle.

Technikum – (Техникум) analog of colleges. Provides specialized education for specific professions. Not a bachelor degree yet but better than basic school education.

Zampolit – (Замполит) short for “deputy commander for political affairs”. Analogous to a commissary in other armies back in the day.

ZIL-131 – (ЗИЛ-131) Soviet 6x6 5t heavy duty truck.

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